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Mobile banking simply means a service provided by any bank to its customers to easily conduct financial transactions using mobile device. Customers can use the application of the bank remotely through their mobile devices. Usually mobile banking is available for 24 hour basis. Mobile banking app provides services such as electronic bill payments, account balance check, fund transfer, check deposits and so on. Likewise, the Suncorp has it’s own app called Suncorp App. You can get it either on the Google Play Store if you are an andriod user or on Apple Store if you are an IOS user.

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Suncorp App

Suncorp app is the application developed by Suncorp especially for providing its customers all the features and facilities. There are various features of this app relating to finance, banking and many more. You can do many things with this app such as mobile banking, managing insurance, enjoy benefits.

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So what are the uses of this amazing Suncorp App? Let’s find out below:

Mobile Banking

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One of the features of this App is mobile banking. The customers will have a fast and secure access to their money. They will be able to transfer money, pay bills, make payments and many more. Some other features are as follows:

  • Check balances and transactions.
  • Login securely with Touch ID or Face ID, or 4-digit pass code.
  • Setup Suncorp Visa Debit card for Apple Pay.
  • Manage Suncorp Visa Debit card security with Card Lock.

Managing Insurance

With this app you will have an eligible policy where you can update address and pay car or home insurance renewal with the Suncorp App remotely. Some of the features are:

  • All insurance policies can be seen in one place.
  • Policy details update available.
  • Track and make claims with alerts.
  • Easy access to the insurance documents.

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Discount With Suncorp App

With this app, you can save up some cash, the eligible customers can take benefits through this app. Discounts up to 15% off is available from over 100 retailers. You can easily get access to you eGift cards through Suncorp App.

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Tools & Services

Home tools and Services

With this app, you can learn about your home, your suburb and houses with Property Explorer. Price guides, transportation access and closets school is available in this app. You can check the risk of level of flood, fire or theft. other services of maintenance of house or help in sorting out home move is also available through this app.

Car tools and Services

This app will help you to assist in searching and buying your new car, and help in financing or maintaining your vehicle.

This app will be there for you when you decide to buy yourself a brand new car so, you can take your family out on holidays.

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