National Australian Bank(NAB)

National Australian Bank

National Australian Bank(NAB) founded in 1982. NAB  is founded by the merger of Australasia and commercial Banking of Sydney.  NAB is founded  as National Commercial Banking Corporation of Australia Limited. Among four largest financial institutions in Australia, National Australia Bank ( brand nab) is also  one of them .  In terms of market capitalization ,earnings and customers National Australian Bank is four largest bank  of Australia.


The Headquarter of  NAB  is in Docklands. It operates through 820 banking centers and is present in New Zealand, the US, Asia, and Europe. For 160 years, National Australian Bank has  been helping customers with their money. Up to now  National Australian Bank have  served over 30,000 people over 9 million customers at more than 900 locations in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.  Australia and New Zealand is the  most respected bank.  The NAB need to  be more than good with money and to be just as good with people too.


National Australian Bank


NAB is an  Australia’s largest business bank, the bank also  work with small, medium and large businesses.  NAB support those bank through every stage of the business  life cycle.The bank also  provide banking products and service to individuals and businesses.

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The bank also fund the most important infrastructure.  some of the most important infrastructure communities are  schools, hospitals and roads. The bank  perform those activities such as in the responsible, inclusive and innovative.As NAB is an as  Australia’s leading bank. Many customer are satisfies and  trust  by the exceptional service.  The NAB need to be good with money and need to be good with people too.

National Australian BAnk

According to market capitalization NAB was rank 21st largest bank in the world. In  2014,  according   to total assets  NAB was 50th largest bank in the world as  falling to 49th largest in March 2016.  The NAB operates 1590 branches As of November 2014 NAB operated 1,590 branches and service centers. Across Australia, New Zealand  NAB  has 4,412 ATM’s and serving Asia by  12.7 million customers.



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