ICICI Net Banking

Net banking

Net banking is a convenient way to do banking from your home or office. It is an electronic payment system. The benefits of online banking is that it :

  1. Saves time
  2. Allows you to do financial transaction 24/7
  3. Complete safety
  4. Mobile access

Features Of Internet Banking

  1. Check account statement
  2. Payments using internet banking
  3. Transfer Funds
  4. Open a fixed deposit
  5. Pay utility bills
  6. Open Deposits
  7. Recharge prepaid mobile
  8. Buy general insurance
  9. Pay taxes
  10. Order cheque Book
  11. Track your deliverable’

Registration for ICICI net banking online

  1. Go to ICICI net banking login page and click on Get password

2. Then on next page click on click here to proceed

3. Then Enter your user ID and click on go

4. Type your registered number and click on go

5. Next step you will receive Unique reference number(URN) on your registered mobile number. Then enter URN number and click on go.

6. Final step, Set your net banking login password and click on go. Password must be strong so that no one can hack into your account.

Steps to login to your ICICI Bank internet banking account are:
  1. Call ICICI bank customer care, authenticate yourself and choose ‘Self banking’ option to get your user ID.
  2. Generate password online
  3. Login with your user ID and Password to access your ICICI credit card details anytime.
icici net banking
icici internet banking login

For every ICICI bank account links a registered mobile number in order for communication between the bank and the customers . Most of the vital information like password, balance, OTP , transactions details and many are only communicate by the registered phone number which is firstly requested by the bank.

ICICI banking provides safe online banking to prevent harmful frauds and phishing on your account. This is done in order to protect your sensitive information and also your valuable future savings from other people.

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