Commonwealth Bank of Australia Share Price

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Share Price

Commonwealth bankThe Commonwealth Bank of Australia is an  multinational bank of Australian. The Bank  has a businesses across New Zealand, Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom. This  bank  allows different types of the  financial services. The  financial services  like retail, institutional  banking, business  banking, funds management, superannuation, insurance, investment as well as  broking services.

share price

For the  Commonwealth Bank  share registrar  is Link Market Service Limited (Link Market Services)  fully paid ordinary shares (CBA), PERLS VI, PERLS VII and PERLS VIII.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia share pice

According to Aug 15 the common wealth bank share price is 81.26 AUD -0.62(0.76%).  which is previously close to 81.88.  The share open at AUD 82.00 and the dividend Yield is 5.30%. The market cap is 143.85 with P/E ratio 16.16.

Is the Commonwealth Bank of Australia share price worth buying right now(2019)?

yes,  it is  worth  for buying the commonwealth Bank of Australia share because the share price up 15.7% in the calendar year to date.

The latest monthly release showed that national house prices were flat over July 2019. Although Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane all registered a 0.2% rise in their property values. Growth in housing related debt is also falling, credit growth  3.3% year on year.

CBA’s profit and dividend can only grow if the economy is doing well and credit growth picks up  which it isn’t at the moment.  The Households are already heavily indebted and also long-term wage growth is minimal. There simply isn’t much flexibility for the Australian public to increase their spending or borrowing, particularly with the younger generation. We are also seeing property developers now going under. The  environment that CBA finds itself in, whilst also paying out hundreds of millions of dollars in remediation and being told to hold more capital by regulators.

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