Top 10 Bank Logos

When it comes to branding your business, first and a foremost job you can do is prepare the graphical display or a logo to be precise. So, the logo is important while branding your business or financial institutions. It represents the idea and the mark of any business. Therefore, it is very important to create a logo which is simple, professional and meaningful at the same time. Above all, the logo is simply the business’ visual identity. Below are the top ten bank logos and the meaning they hold.

1. Deutsche Bank logo

Antony Stankowsky in 1972, designed the logo of Deutsche Bank. The raising line inside the blue square of the logo represents the stable growth and financial gain of the bank, along with the bank’s sustainability.


2. ing bank logo

The ING stands for “Internationale Nederlanden Groep” in dutch. It is a multinational bank whose headquarter is in Amsterdam. The logo has a lion which signifies its courage, strength, and the authority it holds. In addition, the color orange is the energy and is also the national color of the Netherlands. As we know, a lion is the country’s national symbol. Therefore, several banks and institutions have the lion in their logos.


3. TD bank logo

TD stands for Toronto-Dominion Bank which is the Canadian multinational bank based in Toronto, Ontario. The logo of TD Bank stands for Connection, Coherence, and Green-money. The square in the logo signifies the enclosure, home and settlement idea. The green color represents money and vitality and the square represents stability.


4. Chase bank logo

The logo of Chase Bank symbolizes Durability, Simplicity, and Money-flow. Chermayeff and Geismar designed the logo in 1961. The octagonal-geometric symbol is the feeling of motion and activity. The octagon symbolizes money-flow and the square in the center stands for stability. The blue color stands for safety.


5. citi bank logo

Paula Scher designed the logo of Citi Bank. The logo signifies Security, Protection and Good care of the bank and its clients. The umbrella over the letter “t” is a sense of protection the bank wants to provide to its customers.


6. societe general logo

Societe General S.A. is a French multinational bank, located in Paris. The logo symbolized Strength, Harmony, and Balance. In addition, the square in the logo is divided horizontally by the half, which means harmony and balance. The red and black combination is a sense of strength and determination.


7. bank of america logo

The Bank of America is a multinational bank providing investment and financial services to the customers. The logo signifies Patriotism, Financial Gain, and Sustainability. Therefore, the mark in the logo signifies the farm field and Americal flag. Above all, the farmer’s field was kept to resound the farmers who trust and work with the bank.


8. ubs bank logo

UBS Group AG is a Swiss multinational bank, founded in Switzerland. The logo signifies Security, Confidence, and Discretion which are represented in the form of three keys. They are meant to unlock the doors to wealth, health and luck.


9. raiffeisen bank logo

The logo of Raiffeisen Bank signifies Protection, Safety, and Optimism. In addition, the symbol inside the square is called the Gable Cross. Therefore, they symbolize protection and safety.


10. getin bank

Getin Bank is a part of Noble Bank located in Poland. The logo is very unique as it signifies the arrow which means forward moving and synonyms with the name “Getin”  and it represents a call to action which means get into the bank. Moreover, the logo has the fresh green color making it stand out among competitors.




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