Reset Bank of Baroda Password

Bank of Baroda is an Indian bank, owned by the Government of India. It is a multinational bank offering internet and mobile banking services, accounts, loans, financial services to its users.

This article contains the steps to reset the net banking transaction password if the users forget it while logging on their online banking service.

Steps on resetting the transaction password:

Step 1:

Open the browser of your choice and enter the URL Wait till the site is opened. You can see two login options for Retail user and Corporate user. Click on the retail user and you’ll be redirected to the new page.


Step 2:

There is an input field where you enter the User ID to continue. If you have forgotten your transaction password, click on the “reset your transaction password using debit card”. If you have got the debit card details, you can reset the password online. Enter the user ID and click on the reset password option.


Step 3

You can see a new window which contains the input fields asking the information about your debit card. Select the type of your card. Enter your card number, expiry date, and ATM pin. Fill the given captcha code in the input field. Click on the “next” button to continue.


Step 4

You will receive an OTP number on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP number in the given field and continue again by clicking on the “next” button.


Step 5

Enter a new transaction password in the given field after redirecting to a new window. Re-enter the password again for confirmation. You can enable virtual keyboard option for security purpose. Make sure that you enter a strong password and note it down somewhere or memorize it. Click on the “next” button to continue.


The password is then successfully reset. You can know it after seeing the confirmation message on your screen.

Follow the steps one by one and you can reset your online banking password successfully. But make sure that you have your User ID and access to the internet. This is helpful for the normal users as well as for the first-time users who want to reset their password but not sure how to. So this article is of great help to them.





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