Lakshmi Vilas Bank Online Banking

Founded in 1926 by a group of seven businessmen of Karur under the leadership of Shri V.S.N. Ramalinga Chettiar, the Lakshmi Vilas Bank offers various banking products and services to its customers. The customers can open accounts of various types depending upon their need. The bank provides a wide range of facilities and services to the customers such as loans and credits for various purposes. With the advancement of the technologies, the banks have also upgraded their services which can be accessed from anywhere.

This article is simply the online banking guide of Lakshmi Vilas Bank. This is helpful for customers who are new to the online banking process. This article contains the stepwise procedure to log in to the respective accounts for first-time users. They can follow the following steps to log in to their personal bank account:

Steps on the first-time login

While opening the account, the customers receive two pin mailers such as Internet Banking Login Password and Transaction Password. The pin mailers should be sealed. If it’s not, then return them immediately to the Internet Banking Cell. You can also e-mail the matter of inconvenience to

Send an email to to activate your user ID.

Enter the website Make sure that you’ve entered the correct URL. This is the official website of the bank. Wait until the interface is fully loaded. Enter the login credentials and click on submit. Your customer ID is your internet banking Login ID. You can select the virtual keyboard for enhances security.


After submitting the credentials, the system asks you to change the password on first time login. You should change both login and transaction password. Note that the account is locked in case of 3 wrong input of user id and password.

After submitting the credentials, you can see the interface which displays your account summary as shown in the figure.


To know the activities in a specific account, click on Account activity. You can view the records in ascending or descending format which is beside your account option dropdown. Click on the go button to proceed further. You can see the last ten transactions or can also check for the specific transactions. You can also check the account details and transfer funds.


Log out from the Internet Banking system upon completion of the session for security purposes. You can use the log out button to close the session.



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