ICICI Online Banking

This is the guide to online banking procedures of ICICI Bank India where the users interact with the online banking system for the first time by logging in the website and record their information for future transactions.

Steps for ICICI Online Banking

Step 1

When the user opens the account for the first time, he/she receives the welcome kit which contains the user ID and Internet banking password, atm/debit card, pin number, and cheque book. The user can log in to the system by using the user ID and password for the first time.

Step 2

To log in for the first time, enter the correct URL of the bank in any browser. The correct link is www.icicibank.com. The interface shows various options of logging in to internet banking from which the user selects “personal NRI and Young Stars” option to log in to the system. The users can also select other options based on the purpose of the account. Then continue to log in by clicking the button.

ICICI Login Interface

Step 3

A new interface is loaded where the system asks for the user ID and password that comes along with the kit. After entering the credentials, the user can select start in options from the downward menu. This is done to select the screen which comes after logging in. Select on the dashboard option and continue to login.

ICICI Enter Login Credentials

Step 4

The system asks to change the password where the user needs to change the password by entering an old password and setting the new password. The password needs to be between 8 to 28 characters comprising of numbers, letters, or special characters. The user can use the virtual keyboard for entering the password. Then click update to change the password.

ICICI Change Login Password

Step 5

After updating the password, the user needs to choose their user ID (*note that the user ID can be changed only once). The length should be between 8 to 32 characters and should only contain letters and numbers because the use of special character is not allowed. Also, the password created earlier should not match the user ID. The user can also update the provided email address. If the user has more than one account, the user can choose one default account for the transactions. The user can also change the previously provided mobile number. They can click on “need to change” by going on the nearest ICICI branch or ATM. If the number is correct, select the correct option present on the right side.


Step 6

If the user wishes to download the immobile app, the user can click “send me the download link”. The link is sent to the given mobile number. Click on the submit button where the user will see the success message and can log out from the system. If the user wishes to log in again and perform transactions, they can log in to the website by providing previously created user id and password and use online banking facilities.

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