Barclays Bank Mobile Banking Login


Barclays Bank Mobile Banking Login

Mobile banking is done through the smartphone or other cellular devices to carry out banking transactions from any remote areas. The user can use any service that is provided digitally on a banking app. This article will help users set up, register and use the Barclays Bank Mobile Banking app on their cellular device.

You can register for Barclays Mobile Banking easily using your account details. This will give you a basic registration which won’t give you access to all the features but can upgrade to full access later. You’ll just need to find a Barclays cash machine, a branch, or use a PIN sentry device,
or need a debit card.

You can search “Barclays Mobile Banking” in the App Store. Only download the app from your official App Store. If you are in the UK text “Mobile” to 62555 and they will send you a text message with a link to the app. Using this option doesn’t take any charges. Below are the few basic steps to log in to the app.

Steps to log in:

Open the app. Tap continue. Enter the five-digit passcode of your choice which you’ll need every time you log in. Type in your chosen passcode and re-enter to confirm.



After entering the passcode, you’ll be asked if you have an activation code, select no and tap to continue, select the current account and then tap continue and continue again. Enter and confirm your mobile number. Then enter your sort code and account number. Your title, first name, and last name.


Check the details you’ve entered are correct and read through the terms and conditions. If you’re happy then tick the box to accept them and tap continue. You will receive a six0digit verification code. Tap continue. Enter the six-digit code and tap verify and tap to continue. Your progress will be saved.



Using Debit Card Details

Select Barclays debit card and enter the three-digit security code for the card number shown on screen, enter the card expiry date. Tap to continue. Enter a personal greeting that only you’ll know. Click continue and your registration will be complete.





Using pin sentry

This is another way to login to the app. After entering the six-digit code to verify the details, tap on the pin sentry option. Follow the six steps given on the screen, start by entering the last 4 digits on your debit card on your chosen account , insert your card into your pin sentry card reader, press respond on the pin sentry card reader , enter the 4 digit pin number for the card you’ve inserted, then enter the unique 8 digit code displayed on your app into the pin sentry reader, and enter the unique 8 digit code generated by pin sentry into the app. Tap verify. Enter a personal greeting that only you’ll know. Click continue and Now you’ve registered for Barclays mobile banking.







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