Bank of Queensland

Bank of Queensland

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The Bank of Queensland BOQ is an Australian retail bank which headquarters is located in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. It is one of the oldest financial institutions in Australia. The Bank contains 252 branches throughout Australia. The bank includes 78 corporate branches and 166 owners managed branches in Australia. The Bank of Queensland has established in 1863 A.D.

In 2010, it was found that one of the Townsville branches of the Bank has given the loans to clients of the collapse Storm Financial Banks of Australia. Despite giving storm, Australian Securities and Investments Commission undertook compensation suits on behalf of Storm Financial clients against the BOQ.

The Bank of Queensland also offers different features such as online banking, internet banking, mobile banking, online security, BOQ money, Samsung pay, BOQ property application.

Internet Banking:

The internet banking of Bank of Queensland includes different features such as Balance and transaction history search & export. It means viewing account balances and searches and export transaction history of a consumer. It also provides BPAY payments and BPAY. This means Pay bills using BPAY and receives bills via Internet Banking with BPAY View. The bank provides Extra security with the BOQ security token which is used to pay two-factor authentication for external payments, e-Statements view where e-Statements & manage statements are preferences.

Most importantly it can even transfer money between your accounts or to 3rd party’s Australian accounts. The internet banking of the Bank even has SMS banking service and it requests account balances and transaction history via SMS.

Steps to open Internet Banking of Bank of Queensland:

  1. The first step is to open the website of BOQ and you will find the internet banking option on the website. You will find a form to fill.

Capture202. You have to provide Customer Access Number


3. Then you need to provide the appropriate password.


4. Similarly, your user ID is only require if you have an issue with a User ID.


5. Likewise, you can log on or cancel.




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