Bank of America Bill Pay

Bank of America is a multinational bank based in Charlotte, along with its branch located in various other states. Founded in 1998, it provides investment and financial services to the customers. With the help of online banking facility, the customer can perform various transactions such as amount transfer, pay the due bills through an online payment. This article contains the steps to pay the bills online through online banking facility.

Steps on online bill payment

Bank of America’s Online Bill Pay lets you pay your monthly bills like your utilities, credit cards or even your phone bill quickly and securely.

First thing you’ll do is sign in to online banking and click bill pay.


From here, you can set up the companies you want to pay. Make sure you have your latest bills handy because you’ll need to enter in your account information. To add a new company you want to pay, click add a new pay to account.


Then underpay company, choose to browse a list of companies. From here you can look for companies by category, company name or do a search. If you don’t see the company you’re looking for you can also add it by entering the companies information.



Once you’ve added the company, it will always show up on your bill pay list. So the next time you’re ready to pay your bills, all you need to do is enter the amount, select a date for payment and click make payments. It is very easy.



You can even set up automatic payments so that payments are made according to the payments you created. With the online banking security guarantee, you can feel safe knowing your payments are protected and secure. Sign in to enroll in online banking.


Follow the steps to pay the bills online. This is helpful for the first time users where they are new to online banking and it’s facilities. It is also helpful for normal users. If you have any queries regarding the content, feel free to comment.

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