AXIS Bank Online Banking

Here are the few basic steps which will guide the users who created the bank accounts on the Axis Bank and needs to login to the online banking system for the first time. The article contains a detailed procedure to log in to the user’s banking account for the first time. It contains pictures for a clear understanding. It helps the first time users to interact with the online banking system for the first time.

Steps on Loggin to Axix Bank Online Banking

Step 1

After opening the account, the user receives the email carrying all the information. Starting off with the login process, go to the site and click on the login button where there is an option of registering the account. Click on the register option to load a new interface. Enter the login ID provided by the bank in the email.  The email contains an attachment which won’t open until the user provides the password. So, the password is the PAN Number of every user which they had provided during account opening. The pdf is opened after entering the password. It contains the information of the user.  The figures given below make the explanation clearer.




Step 2

Enter the login ID and proceed further. In the new interface, the system asks for the account number and mobile number which the user should enter. Proceed to the next step. Furthermore, the user needs to enter their card details and click on the checkbox and continue.



Step 3

Enter the card details inside the required field. Set the password and OTP number. The password and OTP number are sent to the user’s mobile number. Change the password by entering the password and confirm it. Note that the password comprises of capital or small letters and numbers. The input of special character is not allowed in the password.


Step 4

The screen displays the success message after changing the password. Finally, the users can log in to their account and enter the credentials and hence perform further transactions.


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