Allahabad Bank Corporate Login

The banking transactions that are performed over the internet from anywhere is termed as internet banking. You can use your smartphone, laptop or any other device to access the bank’s service. Here, we talk about the internet banking facility given by Allahabad bank to its users. Allahabad corporate banking allows companies and corporate customers to use banking services from their own organizations. Here are the few steps to log in to the Corporate banking of Allahabad bank.

steps to activate corporate net banking

You can follow the given steps to activate the corporate net banking:

  1. Open any search engine and search for Allahabad corporate banking. Click on the link provided. You can also simply click on the link “”.

  2. Wait till the interface loads and download the application form of Allahabad bank corporate internet banking.


  1. Fill up the form and visit your nearest Allahabad Bank branch to submit the application. You will then receive your user ID and password.

  2. Enter “” and wait till the interface loads. You will see two different options, one for personal banking and the other for corporate banking. Click on the “Login” for corporate banking.


  1. Enter the corporate ID, user ID, and the password that you received from the bank and click on the login button.


  1. You need to change the login and transaction password after the first login you make. It is compulsory to change the password due to security reasons. The passwords should be different from each other and should comprise of a letter, number, and a special symbol.

  2. You can see the main menu after logging in successfully. Then you can use the service for your specific purpose.

In this way, you can log in to the corporate online banking for Allahabad Bank. Make sure that you log out after each session of online banking. In addition, you should enter your credentials every time you want to login to your internet banking account. Most importantly, you should change your login and transaction password every 90 days to maintain security. These are the basic things you need to know while using internet banking service.


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